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Late Applications to Coulsdon Sixth Form College

If you've had a change of heart about staying on at your school sixth form or would now like to make a new start for your sixth form education this September, please follow the instructions below, to apply to Coulsdon College.

Remaining places will be offered on a first come first served basis, so the earlier you apply the better chance you'll have of gaining a place to start this September.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Email admissions@coulsdon.ac.uk at the earliest opportunity to arrange an interview.

    The College's Admissions staff will email you back to let you know when your interview will be.

    During the interview you'll be given the opportunity to discuss a suitable Study Programme with an experienced member of staff.

  2. You will need to bring a completed application form with you to the interview. This can be downloaded here
  3. So your application can be processed, you'll also need to bring the following to your interview:

    1. evidence of ALL your examination results
    2. a reference or recent report from your school or college
    3. a responsible adult (ideally a parent or legal guardian).

    Remember you will need at least 5 GCSEs at grade C/4 or above to be accepted on A Level courses and at least 4 at grade C/4 or above to be eligible for BTEC Level 3 courses.

    Specific courses (e.g. A Level Maths and Sciences also have specific entry requirements. Please see the College website for details).

    If you don't meet these entry requirements you may be eligible for BTEC Level 2 courses.

Best of luck!

De'Vonai profile image


De'Vonai studied Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics

What advice did you get on your subjects when you came to Coulsdon?

As I gained 6A* and 2As at GCSE, I was encouraged to do four A Levels. I hadn't considered doing Physics and it's now become one of my favourite subjects.

What are you planning to do after College??

I'm planning to study Medicine or Maths at university. Medicine is very competitive so good grades are essential, but the teaching here is exceptional and the class sizes are small, so we get a lot of individual attention.

Have you been on any trips?

I went to Royal Holloway University for a master class on Particle Physics, something you don't normally do until you get to university. We had lectures, did experiments, carried out interactive work on their computers and generally immersed ourselves in the subject, surrounded by real physicists. It's really broadened my love of the subject; I'm now looking forward to a Biology Ecology trip.

You are part of the Enhancement Group, what does that entail?

Every week, I've had help with my debating, listening, presentation and interviewing skills and now we're going to start working on our personal statements for university applications. This is all essential for me as a scientist and a mathematician.

What do you like most about Coulsdon College?

The science labs! They are new, well equipped, safe and clean. Much better than anything I've experienced before. I love the diversity of the people too, both the teachers and the students. I enjoy the fact that I'm surrounded by people who are good at things I'm not necessarily good at. It makes College life so interesting.

De'Vonai, 2016. Previous school: Belair High School.

Aliyah profile image


Alex studied Business, English, Film Studies

Why did you choose Coulsdon College?

I knew I wanted to study Film at A Level and that wasn't possible at my school. There didn't seem to be any timetabling issues at the College so I was able to choose exactly what I wanted to - namely English to help my scriptwriting skills and Business to help with budgeting and promotion.

So you want to be a Film Producer?

Yes, and my A Level studies are helping me down that path. I was encouraged by my A Level Film teacher to apply for the BFI Film Academy, which has given me the most amazing practical experience and led to some paid employment in the industry. We were able to work with professionals from the film industry and take part in workshops and master classes, to develop our skills in sound, editing, lighting and screenwriting. I got an award for my short film, 'The key within.'

Have you made many useful contacts?

Yes. My teacher has worked in the industry, so has been great at pointing me in the right direction. He's also very realistic about how hard it is to get on in the industry, but at the same time very encouraging. I'm going to Farnham University to study Film Production and I'm hoping to follow in the footsteps of Film Director Gareth Edwards, who also studied there.

What's the best thing about Coulsdon College?

As well as the great teaching, I would say it's the access to good quality IT. There are literally hundreds of PCs set up in the ILC and more importantly, there are lots of MACs available to film and media students. You are almost always guaranteed a seat.

Alex, 2016. Previous school: John Fisher.

Lara profile image


Lara studied Fashion, Graphic Communication, Mathematics, Sociology

Why did you choose Coulsdon College?

I loved the atmosphere when I came to visit. I also wanted to do a mix of BTEC and A Levels and this was the only place which gave me the flexibility to do that.

Were you clear about what you wanted to study?

I want to be an Interior Designer, so wanted to study Graphic Design and also Fashion. The facilities in the Art Department are amazing as are the teachers. I'm getting lots of practice developing final products from initial ideas and I'm working with many different materials. I love to hand-draw to start with and then enhance my work using digital technology.

How about your other subjects?

Sociology was new to me, but it's really interesting. It's quite time consuming though, as there's a lot to learn and remember. There's a big jump from GCSE Maths to A Level, but I like it as it's logical; it takes a lot of practice though to get a good grade.

What are your plans after College?

I'm looking at Interior Design courses and in the meantime, I'm building up my portfolio by working as a freelance Graphic Designer.

How do you feel about Coulsdon College?

I love the relaxed, but hard working atmosphere. We're treated as adults and individuals which I think is important when you get to our age.

Lara, 2016. Previous school: Edenham High School.

Ruvhen profile image


Ruvhen studied Computing & IT

Tell us about yourself.

I came to Coulsdon College as I really wanted to do the BTEC Extended Diploma in IT‑, which wasn't on offer at Riddlesdown.

What are your plans after College?

I've been offered a place at Southbank University to study BSc Business Information Systems, a four year course with a one year placement in Business. I'm hoping to secure a Basketball scholarship to help me with my tuition fees.

How did you get into Basketball?

I'm 6'4", so it seemed an obvious sport for me!I played a bit at school, but I've really stepped it up since coming to College. We play every day at College and train as a team twice a week. The Urban Ballers Basketball coaches are really skilful and we are privileged to be trained by an ex-Olympian.

So you spend a lot of time playing basketball?

Yes. In addition to the training, I keep my fitness up by running every morning and by going to the gym twice a week.

So do you get much time to study?

Yes! I have to work hard and make good use of my time. It helps that I love my lessons and the teachers are great. They've really helped me focus on my work and made me realise I need to work hard in order to achieve at the highest level.

What's the best thing about College?

The people! I've met lots of different types of people, many of whom have become great friends.

Ruvhen, 2016. Previous school: Riddlesdown Collegiate.

Ryan profile image


Ryan studied Business, Sport, Law

As Captain of the College's Football team, what's your experience of Sport here at the College?

I'm proud to be a Sports Ambassador and to be Captain of the College's Football team. I've played Football all my life and hope to make a career out of sports coaching so my Sports course here at the College has been perfect. As a Sports Ambassador, I've been involved in running five-a-side football teams and with the other Ambassadors, we've created a sports equipment hire service for other students. It's been challenging but rewarding, encouraging others to love sport as much as I do.

How do you know you want to be a Sports Coach?

I first did some coaching as part of my BTEC Sports course last year and knew that I loved it straight away. Since then, I've qualified as a Level 1 Football Coach through the Football Association and already have a job coaching 5-12 year olds.

How do you plan to further your experience as a Coach?

I've been offered a place at UCFB University (Wembley stadium) to study Sports Coaching and Business. My dream would be to run my own football coaching company.

What would your advice be to anybody coming to study Sport at Coulsdon College?

Do it! The course is very varied and includes Psychology, Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Team Work, Coaching and lots more. Even if you don't study Sport, come here and take part in sporting activities. There's lots on offer.

Ryan, 2016. Previous school: Oasis Academy Coulsdon.