Extended Project Qualification


The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Students who are intending to get places at the top universities or on the most competitive courses are encouraged to do the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as an additional qualification.

The qualification is research-based and so gives students the opportunity to study, in-depth, an area of specific interest to them. It also means that they have an individual area of interest that they can talk about at interview, which in turn, helps differentiate them from other students.


Most students who sign up to the EPQ do so to improve their chances of getting into the best universities or onto the most competitive courses.   It gives students the opportunity to develop all sorts of skills - most obviously their research and presentations skills, since students are required to make a presentation on their research.  These skills are essential for most university courses, and are of interest to many employers.

Course Content

Students doing the EPQ have the opportunity to explore an area of specific interest to them, that may be only loosely connected to their A Level subjects.  The only requirement is that they select an area that they are passionate about, as the qualification requires working independently, in much the same way as would be expected at university.

The EPQ can take the form of a dissertation, field study, artefact or performance and so is relevant to students with a range of different interests.  


Educational Experiences

Students will have the opportunity to take part in research workshops with the University of Southampton, both before starting their EPQ and once it is completed.


The exam board for The Extended Project Qualification is Pearson Edexcel

Entry Requirements

Students will be invited onto the course at the end of the Lower Sixth.

How to Apply

Applications for entry September 2018

The application form for the academic year 2018-2019 is available to download here.

Students should return their completed forms directly to Coulsdon College, NOT their schools. All applications will be considered according to the College's Admissions Policy Admissions Policy.

Please see the Admissions timetable for information about the College’s enrolment process.

Download Course Leaflet

Download the Extended Project Qualification information leaflet.

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