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Following an initial consultation period between Coulsdon Sixth Form College and Croydon College, on 29 October 2018, the Coulsdon Governors have now approved the following draft resolution with regards to the proposed merger between the two colleges:

The Corporation of Coulsdon College publish the following draft resolutions in respect of the proposed merger of Coulsdon College with Croydon College in accordance with the requirements of Article 23(2) of Coulsdon College’s Articles of Government.

The Corporation confirm that it is proposed that the final dissolution resolutions be tabled and, if thought fit, approved and passed, at the final meeting of the Corporation of Coulsdon College prior to the dissolution of Coulsdon College, and its merger with Croydon College, on 01 December 2018.

Having considered and approved:

  • the publication of the results of a statutory consultation exercise undertaken by the Corporation of Coulsdon College in relation to Coulsdon’s proposed merger with Croydon College ((as required under The Sixth Form College Corporations (Publication of Proposals) (England) Regulations 2012));
  • the results and recommendations of legal and financial due diligence exercises in respect of Croydon College to ascertain Croydon College’s suitability to continue the business of Coulsdon College;
  • the publication of the draft resolutions of Coulsdon College to dissolve and provide for the transfer of its property, rights and liabilities (as required under Article 23(2) of Coulsdon’s College’s Articles of Government);  and
  • the interests of Coulsdon’s College’s students, staff and wider community,

and subject to the passing of a resolution by the Corporation of Croydon College to acquire all the property, rights and liabilities of Coulsdon College, such acquisition to take effect at 00:01 on 1 December 2018, the Corporation of Coulsdon College HEREBY RESOLVES:

i) to approve the transfer of all of Coulsdon College’s property, rights and liabilities to Croydon College in accordance with Sections 33O and 33P of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 (“FHEA”), such transfer to take effect at 00:01 on 1 December 2018 (“Transfer Date”); and

ii) to approve the dissolution of Coulsdon College in accordance with Article 23 of its Articles of Government and the powers in section 27A of the FHEA immediately following the transfer of all of the property, rights and liabilities of Coulsdon College on the Transfer Date; and

iii) to notify the Secretary of State for Education of these resolutions and the dissolution date as soon as is reasonably practicable after the Transfer Date in accordance with section 33O(4) of the FHEA.

October 2018
Draft resolution for Coulsdon Sixth Form College to merge with Croydon College

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May 2018
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