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Black History Month 2021

Black History Month

October is Black History Month (BHM) – an annual celebration of the black history, achievements and contributions across the world.

While acknowledging inequality can never be limited to a single month, Black History Month is a distinctive time of addressing misrepresentations of black history, challenging oppression and celebrating diversity and inclusion. Every individual at Coulsdon College should feel safe and comfortable to bring their whole self to their place of work or study.

This month we’ll be looking forward to the different departmental celebrations that students will be getting involved in. 

2021 Events and Activitie

  • Croydon College Creative Arts department: Vox-pop style video in collaboration with Croydon BME Forum and Photographer John Matthews
  • Croydon University Centre presents Andrew Brown, CEO, Croydon BME Forum
  • Coulsdon Sixth Form College A Level Graphics project: creating posters using Adobe Photoshop and mix found photography


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