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Social Media Squad

What is the Social Media Squad?

The Social Media Squad is a creative group of current Croydon College, Coulsdon Sixth Form College and Croydon University Centre students who help the College marketing team to support and promote College marketing campaigns and events, create social media content and show what it’s like to study with us. This is a termly activity for students as part of our Do More Be More programme.

Benefits to Students

Whilst the Social Media Squad is designed to build on our relationships with students and reach out to potential students, the students themselves will gain many benefits from taking part in our Social Media Squad initiative:

Develop team work skills: students will be working as a team to help assist the College in its marketing activities; this helps them build their team work skills for future activities
Build digital communication skills: students will be able to build their digital communication skills with their peers on social media
Work experience: by taking part in marketing activities, students will get a snippet of what it’s like working professionally with social media channels and marketing activity (especially useful if they wish to enter a career in marketing)
Confidence: by making themselves known on social media, students will be able to build their self-confidence and feel more comfortable to reach-out to others on a daily basis
Represent the College: the Social Media Squad provides an alternative avenue for students to represent the College
Build their CV: as this is an extra-curricular activity, students will be able to add this to their CV and show employers that they want to learn new things and expand their skillset wherever possible

Entry Criteria

To participate as part of the College Social Media Squad you must meet the following criteria:

• Be enrolled as a student at Croydon College, Coulsdon Sixth Form College or Croydon University Centre in the Academic Year 2020-2021
• Have written permission from your tutors to participate in the Social Media Squad
• Have your own social media channels set up and a solid understanding of how the platforms work
• Have a passion for digital content creation
• Prepared to attend weekly short meetings with the College marketing team

Apply Now

If you love Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, we’re looking for you! As part of our Social Media Squad, you’ll work directly with the Marketing team to work on the College’s social media activities. Upon successful application, you will receive a termly contract outlining your expectations, roles and responsibilities for that term.

For further information, please contact Read our Terms and Conditions.