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The College currently accepts students from a range of schools within and out of the county and seeks to exercise an open and fair admissions process.

Students will not be accepted onto Level 3 courses at Coulsdon College unless a) they achieve the minimum entry requirement (see specific course requirements) and b) the College receives a satisfactory report from the student’s previous school. Students who do not achieve the required grades may be considered for the College’s Level 2 Intermediate Programme.

When they apply, some students may be undecided about a) whether to stay on at a school sixth form or b) which other sixth forms or Colleges to apply to. For this reason, we recommend students apply, even if they are still making up their mind.

Please note, a student’s chance of obtaining a place is improved the sooner they apply.

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Frequently Asked Admissions Questions:

Admissions and starting at Coulsdon College

Q1: When do I have to apply?

A1: Applications open on Monday 25th September 2017 for entry in September 2018.  Late applicants will only be considered if they meet the entry requirements.

Q2: What is Choices Day and is it important my son/daughter attends?

A2: Choices Day is an extremely important day held at the end of August, and it is a requirement that all new Lower Sixth students attend.

The day is designed to give new students the chance to try out their chosen subjects and meet their peer group, so that they can leave, looking foward to the prospect of spending the next 2 years at the College!

Some students’ GCSE results don’t go quite as planned (for better or worse!) and other students simply change their minds about what they want to study, so for these students, Choices Day provides the opportunity to make changes to their study programme.

Students who are are unable to attend Choices Day should contact the College in advance. Failure to do so will result in places being withdrawn and offered to other students.

Q3: My son/daughter can’t come to Choices Day as he/she’s away on holiday, will that affect their place?

A3: As long as the College is notified in advance and you receive an acknowlegement from the College, your son or daughter’s place will be held.

Special Requirements

Q4: My son/daughter has special educational needs, can they be accommodated by the College?

A4: Coulsdon College will do all that it can to accommodate any student who applies (see Equality and Disability Policies). Students will be considered on a case-specific basis. Parents should send an accompanying letter with their son/daughter’s application explaining the nature of the support their son/daughter would require, if studying at Coulsdon.

Grades and Courses

Q5: What happens if my son/daughter doesn’t get the grades to do the courses they want to do?

A5: Students will probably be advised to change the mix of courses they want to do, to ensure they have the best possible chance of doing well.  They will be able to discuss their options with a tutor on Choices Day (end of August).

If they don’t have at least five GCSEs at grades A to C/9 to 4, they may be offered the opportunity of joining the College’s Intermediate Programme. This involves spending one year doing a mixture of Level 2 Courses (BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificates and GCSEs).

Students who achieve suitable grades on the Intermediate Programme can then stay on for a further two years and do A Levels and/or BTEC Level 3s. There are approximately 100 students who follow this route each year.

Some students may be advised to consider courses at other Colleges, rather than studying at Coulsdon.

Q6: My son/daughter has chosen their subjects but isn’t sure they have made the right choices. Will it be possible for them to change?

A6: Yes. Students should discuss their concerns with a tutor on Choices Day and during the one-to-one consultation they will have with an experienced member of staff between Choices Day and the start of the Autumn Term.

Once the Autumn Term has started, students should raise any issues relating to their subject choices with their personal tutor. It is very important that a student is on the right course and our staff will continually give help and advice to ensure that the subjects chosen are suited to an individual’s needs. Course changes can occur at any time during the first few weeks of term.

The College tries to be as flexible as possible in accommodating subject changes.

Q7: My son/daughter is on course for getting five GCSE passes (grades A to C/9 to 4) but is concerned they won’t get a 9 to 4 grade in GCSE Maths and/or English. Will they be required to re-sit them?

A7: Yes. All students who have not achieved a pass (grade 9 to 4) in GCSE Maths or English will be expected to re-sit these courses while at College.

Extra-curricular queries

Q8: My son/daughter is currently doing their Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver/Bronze Award, will they be able to continue with it?

A8: The College offers the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold/Silver Award, which we very much hope students will sign up to.

Students are given information about the Awards during the College enrolment process and can formally sign up to it via an interview held after Choices Day.

Q9: Will my son/daughter be able to get involved in extra-curricular activities while at College?

A9: Yes. The College offers an Activities Programme which includes a range of sporting, creative and skills-based activities.

Q10: Will my son/daughter be able to play competitive sport while at College?

A10: Yes. The College competes in a number of cups and competitions against other schools and colleges – across a range of sports.

All students are given the opportunity to trial for a College team. Students can find out more about what’s available by talking to College staff at both Choices Day and during their individual interview.


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