Students Voice

Coulsdon Sixth Form College’s Students Voice (SV) is made up of elected members of the student body. The SV serves as the main link between the College’s senior management team and the student body.

Student officers meet once a week and representatives are regularly invited to attend meetings with the Principal, Deputy Principal and College Governors.

Aims of Students Voice:

  • to strengthen the community spirit within the College
  • to promote the College’s position in the local community
  • to ensure that students have a voice in the running of the College

The Voices’s responsibilities include:

  • fundraising for charity and extra facilities for students
  • raising students’ issues and  concerns at College Corporation and College Board meetings
  • organising social events, such as the Freshers’ Party and Leavers’ Ball
  • organising charity and awareness days

Contacting Students Voice

Students can get in touch with the SV by emailing


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