Staff at the Croydon College Group will be receiving a 2% pay rise this academic year – with the increase backdated to 1 September.

This pay rise follows a pay rise of 1.5% in the previous academic year, as the College recognises the hard work of staff, particularly throughout the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pay increase is possible because of the growth in the number of students studying at Croydon College.

The College Group has been working to improve pay for staff, with two separate non-consolidated payments of £150 and £200 pro rata respectively as a result of non-pay budget savings, highlighting the Group’s commitment to direct funding towards staff pay where possible.

It is widely recognised that funding rates for colleges are too low, with funding rates remaining considerably below schools, and largely static since 2013. The College is committed to continuing to lobby to secure better funding rates and, when possible, will prioritise further pay increases for staff who are key to the Group and its students’ success.

The College Group is also proud to be a London Living Wage employer, which includes contractors within its supply chain. This also applies to new Kickstart employees, despite only getting funding from the Department for Work and Pensions to cover the National Minimum Wage.

Moving forward the College Group will continue to have discussions with unions on how to improve staff terms and conditions to ensure the College Group remains a great place to work.

The Croydon College Group thanks its staff for their continued hard work during what has been the most testing of times and will continue to push those in government to ensure the sector receives better funding, while prioritising pay and conditions for its staff.

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