Following a recent visit to Coulsdon College, the Coulsdon and Purley Debating Society invited Coulsdon College Debate Club to debate with them on Monday 5th February.

The Society, which has existed for over a hundred years, has an enviable history of holding many prestigious debates covering key issues, including a notable debate on the impact of Brexit on London which attracted local political representatives from both Leavers and Remainers. It was therefore a considerable honour to be given the opportunity to debate with them.

The motion under debate was ‘Old enough to work, old enough to marry, old enough to vote at 16.’ Coulsdon College gave a compelling argument in favour of the motion, and after two hours of heated debate from both sides, won the debate with eleven votes to eight and two abstentions.

This is the first debate that Club members have completed as one team, and against another society, so it is an excellent start to their debating careers.

Andrew Carver from the Coulsdon and Purley Debating Society said, “The students were excellent and debated very well. It is very nerve-racking to stand up in front of unknown people and speak, but very good training for their future.”

Debate Club leader Claire Neville commented: “We would like to thank the Coulsdon and Purley Debating Society for their invitation and kind hospitality and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the Society in the future.”

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