Coulsdon College is delighted to be playing host to a Shakespearian Tragedy and Comedy conference today.

Aimed at A Level English Literature and A Level Drama students, the conference is being delivered in style by renowned lecturers from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Dr Nick Walton and Dr Anjna Chouhan.

Coulsdon’s Head of English, Adrian Price explains, “We are pleased that the theatre is full of our English Literature students and many from local schools.  The lectures are of a high quality from top experts in their field.  They live and breathe Shakespeare and have been able to bring the works to life.  We have been very privileged today to be part of this conference.”

Concentrating on A Level set texts, Hamlet and Twelfth Night, delegates were encouraged to explore what Shakespeare did to create great drama for a broad audience in a day when there were many other forms of exciting live entertainment.

It is hoped that this will become an annual event so that Coulsdon students and those from nearby schools can benefit from high quality lectures provided by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.  Danielle Ford, Coulsdon College Upper sixth A Level English student was enthusiastic about the conference.  She said, “It was a very useful day, the lecturers were really entertaining and we gained lots of clarification on our set text, Hamlet.  I know it alot better now than I did before.”

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