The College Debate Club was delighted to welcome Angela Applin and Andrew Carver of Coulsdon and Purley Debating Society to their meeting on Thursday 23rd November.

The Society was established some 150 years ago by gentlemen who wanted to debate the topics of the day as they travelled on Britain’s railways, and it still meets today to debate both serious and light-hearted topics, so Angela and Andrew were expertly placed to offer feedback and advice.

During their visit, the Debate Club chose to debate the very topical motion ‘Social media sites should filter out fake news stories’. A number of students spoke for and against the motion, with each one allocated three minutes, followed by a short time for questions.

Andrew and Angela were very impressed by all the speakers, with Andrew commenting that, “The debate was very interesting, well researched. The presentation came over very well, I would have been quite happy to continue listening to them.”

Debate Club leader Claire Neville congratulated all the students for a fantastic debate.

In recognition of the debating skills, Coulsdon and Purley Debating Society has invited the Debate Club to speak for the motion ‘Old enough to work, old enough to marry, old enough to vote at 16’ at a special event on Monday 5th February.

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