Some members of the National Education Union (NEU) at the Coulsdon campus are currently participating in strike action. The significant majority of staff are continuing to work normally, and the college continues to provide a full timetable for most students – we are grateful for the support from students and parents during this period.

NEU members are demanding a 5% pay rise for support staff, and for teaching staff to be placed onto a Sixth Form Colleges pay scale. There is a significant pay award budgeted for staff at both campuses, equivalent to 5% of the pay budget. The college hopes to distribute this in a way that will provide a greater increase for our lowest paid staff, who are most affected by the rise in the cost of living, however this offer has currently been rejected by NEU members.

Notably, in 2019 when Coulsdon Sixth Form College merged with Croydon College, teachers were not on the Sixth Form Colleges terms and conditions. The college position is that Coulsdon campus terms and conditions are already more favourable than those at the Croydon campus, and the college believes it should not agree a new pay scale at Coulsdon that would exacerbate these differences, rather the college wants to implement pay awards that would be distributed equitably across our campuses.

We are sorry for any disruption that the current dispute causes our students, the college continues to work very hard to minimise the impact of the industrial action on them.

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