The Inspiring Women campaign in partnership with the Ministry of Defence hosted a flagship ‘career speed networking’ event on 12 January at the MOD headquarters in Whitehall London. There were 25 women representing a wide range of careers in the defence industry talking with 100 state school girls about their jobs and experiences, including a group of girls who are on the Public services courses at Coulsdon college.  Minister for the Armed Forces, Penny Mordaunt, was also there to talk with the girls.

Lidia Khapangi, Lower Sixth student Public Services said, “I had little idea about the career options open to me and the exciting range of jobs available – e.g. medical, logistics, engineering, flying, finance etc. I was inspired to consider a career in this area, and it has been very useful.”

Janette Gilbert, Associate Principal, said the event was inspiring. “This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to understand the range of jobs that are available in the defence related sector.  As well as the variety of occupations on offer, the students had the chance to learn about the various pathways into the Ministry of Defence which they currently know very little about. It was particularly refreshing to communicate that these jobs are available to mixed academic abilities.  Many of our students would consider the Ministry of Defence to be very remote from their lives and so this will be an excellent way to demonstrate that all pathways are open to them if they believe in themselves, put their hand up to get involved and take the initiative to find out more.”

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