Labour candidate Emily Benn visited politics students at Coulsdon College on the 28th April to debate and discuss the Labour party in the run up to the General Election.

Emily Benn was standing as the Labour MP for the Thornton Heath constituency.  Born and raised locally, she has worked in the Labour party for 7 years.  Emily sat with AS Politics students and discussed the Labour party policies and plans for the future.  She explained the party’s transition from New Labour to Ed Milliband’s new ideals that were driving Labour forward in the current election campaign.

Students were able to pose a series of questions which included subjects such as how Labour intends to reduce the budget deficit, addressing youth issues in Croydon, immigration and the NHS.

The session was lively and engaging, which really helped raise students’ knowledge about Labour’s ideas and policies allowing them to draw their own conclusions.  This kind of direct contact with politics enables students to see the working side of politics which is something that cannot always be taught.

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