Students who have applied to do A Level Maths at Coulsdon College have been invited to a GCSE Maths revision class to be held during the Easter Holidays.

Specialist Maths teachers will be in College, helping applicants to hone their maths skills and their examination techniques.  Deputy Principal, Steve Gooch explains, “We find that successful Maths students usually have an A or A* at GCSE.  This is not just because they are good at Maths, it is also because they have mastered the difficult topics in GCSE such as Surds, Fractional Indices, Algebra Fractions, Quadratics, Trigonometry, Trig Graphs and Linear and Quadratic Simultaneous Equations.  We are keen to help students start their A Level course with a good GCSE grade under their belts.”

Maths and Further Maths are powerful subjects that are useful in many other courses.  Maths develops the power of logical thought and a good grade will enhance career prospects.  In fact, studies have shown that young people with A Level Maths earn 10% more than their mathematically challenged counterparts.

This offer is proving to be popular with applicants, so anybody who hasn’t taken it up yet is encouraged to respond as soon as possible to secure a place.

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