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The pathway structure at Coulsdon Sixth Form College underpins our commitment to creating a learning environment in which each student has the individual support that will enable them to become the best version of themselves, both academically and emotionally.

At Coulsdon we understand that every student requires a different package of support, mentoring and guidance as they make the transition from school life to confidently taking the next steps into higher education, further studies, apprenticeships or employment. The pathway structure enables us to provide every student with a bespoke package based upon their needs, that adapts as they become more confident, more independent, and more successful.

Students are assigned to one of the four pathways depending upon the mix of subjects within their study programme – usually this is the pathway in which the majority of their study time takes place. All pathways will contain a mixture of Intermediate, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth students with students grouped into tutor groups that fit within their overall timetable and meet weekly to discuss key topics that support their personal development.

Each pathway is led by a Head of Pathway, supported by a Deputy Head, who have personal responsibility for all the students allocated to their pathway. They manage a team of Pastoral Tutors, and Curriculum Support staff, who are dedicated to:

  1. Overseeing their students’ progress
  2. Identifying and intervening when early warning signs are seen (such as low attendance, lateness, or non-submission of work)
  3. Being the first port of call for students to discuss any issues they have with their study programme
  4. Being the place where parents can seek support for any concerns or questions

Pastoral tutors ensure that each student in the pathway is a “name and not a number”, providing support and guidance on a wide range of matters whilst linking all elements of a student’s study programme together. Pastoral tutors also provide the key initial link between parents, teachers, and other college staff in order that Coulsdon can provide the holistic support that every student needs to become the best version of themselves.

Pathway teams meet regularly with the Assistant Principals and the Principal to maintain an overview of each student’s progress, confirm that students are making the expected progress towards their targets, and identify where additional support may make the difference.

Pathways recognise every student’s potential and ensure that, between us all, we give them the support to reach it.

Health and Services Industries

Courses include:

• Aviation Operations – Level 3
• Health & Social Care – Level 2
• Health & Social Care – Level 3
• Public Services – Level 2
• Public Services – Level 3
• Sport – Level 2
• Sport – Level 3
• Spanish – A Level
• Travel & Tourism – Level 2
• Travel & Tourism – Level 3

The Health and Services Industries Pathway offers courses which are invaluable to our society’s health, safety, and economy. Sport, Public Services, Health and Social Care as well as Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, complemented by Spanish make up this popular, vibrant pathway which has excellent links with local industry and work experience opportunities. Our students successfully progress onto higher level courses, apprenticeships and employment in this growing field of expertise.

Creative and Cultural Studies

Courses include:

• Art & Design – Level 3
• Creative Digital Media Production – Level 2
• Creative Digital Media – Level 3
• English Language – GCSE
• English Language & Literature – A Level
• English Literature – A Level
• Fashion & Textiles – A Level
• Film Studies – A Level
• Fine Art – A Level
• Graphic Design – A Level
• Media Studies – A Level
• Music – Level 3
• Music Technology – Level 3
• Performing Arts – Level 2
• Performing Arts – Level 3
• Photography – A Level

The Creative and Cultural Pathway offers students an exciting combination of courses which lead to a variety of progression routes within Fine Art, Graphic Design, Photography, Fashion, Creative Digital Media, Film Studies, Music, Performing Arts, English Literature and Language. The students will have many exciting opportunities to perform, exhibit and visit to enrich their experience with an inspirational integrated programme of talks by industry specialists. The creative environment is well-resourced and a lovely place to learn.

Business and Professional Studies

Courses include:

• Accounting – A Level
• Business – A Level
• Business – Level 2
• Business – Level 3
• Criminology – Level 3
• Economics – A Level
• Geography – A Level
• History – A Level
• Law – A Level
• Law – Level 3
• Politics – A Level
• Sociology – A Level

The Business and Professional Pathway offers some of the most popular courses. Economics, Criminology, Business and Accounting, History, Politics, Law and Sociology make up this popular, diverse pathway which has great links within industry and work experience opportunities across all the subject areas. Whether you are aspiring to pursue your own business idea one day, work in government, or perhaps you prefer to go into a more analytical career such as a financial consultant. Whichever direction, our Business and Professional Pathway will not only meet your needs but develop the skills you require to be successful in your career.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths

Courses include:

• Applied Psychology – Level 3
• Applied Science – Level 3
• Biology – A Level
• Chemistry – A Level
• Computer Science – A Level
• Computer Science – Level 3
• Engineering – Level 2
• Engineering – Level 3
• IT & Creative Technology – Level 2
• IT Cybersecurity – Level 3
• Mathematics – A Level
• Mathematics – GCSE
• Physics – A Level
• Psychology – A Level
• Science – T Level

The STEM Pathway offers students a stimulating combination of courses which lead into a variety of progression routes within Maths, Engineering, Science, Computing and Psychology. Students will not only learn the key skills required to work in these sectors from specialist teachers, but also benefit from key insights from industry leaders. Whilst here, they will develop their ability to work as part of a team, think critically and solve problems with creativity and flair. By joining our STEM pathway, students become part of a diverse and welcoming community of staff and students.

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