Pius Ofora is the Student Union President at Coulsdon College.  He is an active member of the club London Citizens which is run at the College.  London Citizens is a powerful alliance of local community groups in London and believes that when communities come together and work towards a goal, they are more powerful and more likely to succeed.

Being a part of the London Citizens was one of the best decisions I ever made as it has helped me develop as a leader and as a person.

As well as giving young people a voice, it gives us access to so many opportunities such as making links with people who share similar views as well as to employers.  I was able to join the youth leadership team which is a group of young leaders from all over London that come together to discuss what we can do to make our various communities better for everyone.

Through London Citizens, I have worked on a range of issues, from small local campaigns such as City Safe Haven (turning the Croydon town centre into a safe haven for anyone that feels threatened) to large national campaigns such as Living Wage, a campaign which makes sure that employers pay their workers a reasonable wage.

I have attended their Community Organising Training and Development Programme, which has trained me in the skills necessary for participating in democracy, eg being realistic in what we demand and winning key victories to improve the lives of communities across the country.

The whole experience has helped me to aim high after completing my studies at Coulsdon College.

Pius is in his Upper Sixth Year at Coulsdon College and is the President of the Student Union.  He is studying for a BTEC Level 3 (Extended Diploma) in Applied Science (Medical), and is aiming to study Biomedical Science at university and one day hopefully becomes a biomedical scientist or a doctor.

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