Croydon College has worked in partnership with Croydon Council to introduce the Pathway to Adulthood Programme for young people with severe and complex needs at Coulsdon College. The Programme welcomes students with a range of needs, supporting them with their individual goals as well as other important life skills in order to help them to learn the skills they need to support them into their future adult lives and increased independence. There are currently 20 young people attending the Programme.

Thursday October 10 saw the official opening of the SEND Centre at Coulsdon Sixth Form College, in which staff members took a tour around the building and celebrated the opening of the Centre. The Centre was officially opened by Councillor Margaret Bird.

For most students, the Programme is made up of two days at Coulsdon Sixth Form College and two days at the Waddon Hub. The Programme helps the young people taking part to plan for their future beyond college through engaging with life in their local communities in learning, leisure and/or work opportunities.

Students have their own targets alongside a personalised programme, but the general College experience is based on learning important life skills to encourage independence, communication, personal development, keeping safe and taking part in community, leisure & work experience.

The students receive various forms of support from the College to manage their own individual needs.

If you have any questions or want to apply or visit us, please contact the Head of Pathway to Adulthood, Laura Hills via email or telephone, 01737 551176 x109.

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