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What attracted you to Coulsdon College?

Quite a few of my friends were coming here, but it was mainly the Public Services course which I wanted to do as I was interested in joining the military. When I came for the open day, the atmosphere was welcoming and vibrant and the teachers were all really enthusiastic.

What’s your plan for getting into the military?

I was in the Army Cadets for a couple of years, but the teachers on the Public Services course encouraged me to join the Army Reserves and that’s been a big step towards my future career. I’m in the Royal Yeomanry Regiment, Croydon and have completed Phase 1 Alpha, basic soldiering skills, including PT, weapon training and drill. I’m now working on my leadership skills so that I can get a rank, giving me more pay and responsibility.

The Public Services course has given me confidence and I’m planning to join Army regulars, full time with a reconnaissance unit later this year.

How’s your fitness?

It’s improved a lot since being at the College. The Royal Marines ran fitness training sessions at College and it very nearly killed me! Now, I relish any opportunity to have a go at any endurance type event.

What else have you gained from the course?

As well as improving my mental strength and physical fitness, I think I’ve learnt how to have insight into other people’s personalities and how to treat different types of people. This is something which will be very useful in my military career.

Aiden, 2016.

Previous school: Oasis Academy Shirley Park.

Previous school: Oasis Academy Shirley Park

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