Computing & IT, Further Maths, Mathematics, Physics

Why did you decide to study Computer Science?

I want to become a programmer, and these courses will give me a basic understanding of programming but also a variety of challenges which will improve my mathematical and problem-solving skills.

What attracted you to Coulsdon College?

The Computer Science course is 50% programming, far greater than any other college, so it will give me more insight into the topic most crucial to my future. Plus, the setting is very inviting and the teachers are so friendly and passionate about the topics that they teach.

Have you experienced any challenges?

Computer Science is a very demanding subject and there are a lot of high standards to meet, but I’ve overcome this challenge through plenty of revision, utilised all of the useful resources on offer and the help of my teachers.

What are your future aspirations?

To become a video game designer.

What have been your highlights whilst studying here?

I have made far more friends than I ever could have imagined, and I have really enjoyed the teaching from great teaching staff.

Previous school: Harris Academy South Norwood

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