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What’s the difference between College life and school?

At College, you are treated more like adults; I like the fact that we call the teachers by their first names, it feels more comfortable and relaxed. College feels like a good stepping stone to university.

How did you decide to study Maths at College?

I’ve loved Maths from a young age. When I was in Year 11, I attended a Further Maths workshop run by Maths teachers at Coulsdon College. We had a very enjoyable day, learning about complex numbers and it confirmed my desire to study Maths at A Level. I’m really enjoying learning something different every day and exploring new ways of problem solving. The Applied Maths units are particularly interesting as they relate Maths to real life situations.

I hear you’ve been a great ambassador for Maths

Yes, I really enjoy helping fellow students. I may well turn to teaching one day. I’ve been a Student Ambassador for the Maths Department, helping out at Open Events.

Are you going to study Maths at university?

I want to apply my Maths to an Engineering course, possibly Mechanical Engineering as I’m interested in the construction of aeroplanes or trains. I’ll be exploring all the options at university open days over the summer.

Are you involved with any College clubs?

I’ve been part of the Archery and Badminton clubs at lunchtimes, which is a great way to stay active and healthy, as well as being a good way of meeting new people.

Codon, 2017.

Previous school: St Mary’s RC School.

Previous school: St Mary's RC School

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