Fashion, French, Geography

What attracted you to Coulsdon Sixth Form College?

I wanted a change of scene and thought it would help increase my confidence as I would get to meet new people. Plus the pass rate was high so that was a big positive.

How have you found your first year?

I’ve loved learning new things in all my courses. I am also part of the ESOL Club. I find it really interesting as we talk about current affairs worldwide plus we recently organised the International Languages Day here in College.

How have you found the support in College?

Really good. My Geography teacher has been approachable and easy to talk to plus she has done quite a few workshops for us which has helped. Teachers also give out emails which means I can message about anything I need help with.

What are your plans after College?

I’d like to go to university to study Geography. I find the subject really interesting and it’s a wide area to cover.

What advice would you give students looking to apply here?

I think it’s important to choose a subject which you’re good at and enjoy. Don’t be afraid to talk to people as you’re all going through the same thing. Be yourself and use the clubs to meet new people. Teachers are there to help so don’t be afraid to ask!

Elisha, 2018

Previous school: Warlingham High School

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