Film Studies, Media Studies, Photography

Why did you choose to come to Coulsdon College?

I wanted a fresh start after five years at the same school and besides, the subjects that I wanted to study weren’t available at school.

What’s your favourite subject and why?

I love all of them, but Film Studies has to be my favourite. I have a very inspiring teacher who has progressed my work significantly. If you look at my work this year in comparison to last year, you can see how much I have improved.

You’ve already won a BFI Award for your work? Tell us about that.

Having been part of the Brighton Film School last Summer, my Film Studies teacher encouraged me to apply to be part of the BFI Film Academy. I was successful and attended the course which took place every Saturday for eight weeks. At the end of it I got two awards for my short film. Since then, I’ve been accepted on a two week course at the National Film and TV School, where I specialised in Cinematography. It was an amazing experience, using industry standard equipment and under the guidance of industry professionals.

What does the future hold for you after College?

I have a place secured at university, but having completed the course at the National Film and TV School, I have decided to take a gap year, get some more industry experience and then apply to do their MA in Cinematography. I’m aiming high, but Coulsdon College has taught me to do that, so watch this space.

Jess, 2016.

Previous school: Woodcote High School.

Previous school: Woodcote High School

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