Law, Psychology, Sociology

Why did you chose to study Sociology, Psychology and Law here at Coulsdon College?

I chose these courses because I have a strong interest in each one and would like to pursue a career which involves each subject. I always knew which courses I wanted to study since I was young.

What have been your highlights whilst studying here?

My highlights would be meeting new people and amazing teachers. Coulsdon College has such a positive environment with welcoming people.

Have you experienced any challenges?

I’ve not experienced many so far but BTEC Psychology is a challenging subject and it can be hard to keep on top of everything at times. However, with support from the College and through further research, I have managed it well.

How have you found Online Learning during the pandemic?

It has been difficult, particularly at the beginning since it was hard to adjust from a relatively structured day. But all of my teachers have been amazing so it’s got a little easier!

Do you have any advice for future students?

Trust in yourself to do well and with some guidance, you really will. But most importantly, embrace every moment and have fun!

What are your future aspirations?

My aim is to go onto university to study Psychology and Criminology as they are the steps I want to take towards becoming a Criminal Psychologist.

Previous school: Warlingham High School

Information for schools

Croydon College Group offers a wide range of activities to provide support to schools, parents, carers and students with post-16 decisions. Through activities both at the college and onsite at local schools, the diverse range of courses on offer at Croydon College, Coulsdon Sixth Form College and Croydon University Centre is explored.

Information is provided on the various opportunities available for both vocational and academic pathways. This, combined with the wide range of apprenticeships, delivered by the World of Work team, provides an important resource for post-16 options. 

Contact the team at or phone us on 020 8686 5700 ext. 3676 for more information.

Let’s work together:

Assemblies and Presentations

Delivered at your school and providing either a general overview of courses available or tailored specifically to the needs and interests of the student year group in attendance. Focus subjects could include apprenticeships, applying to universities, T Levels or sector-specific subjects.

Career Events & Options Evenings

Virtual or in-person we welcome the opportunity to support your events and engage with students and parents. Our team can also be available to attend application and interview workshops also GCSE results day. 

Onsite Taster Sessions

Engaging and interactive sessions with specialist lecturers in areas including criminology, fashion and textiles, media studies, music performance, photography, science and much more. Sessions can be held on-site at our colleges or at your school. Please enquire about specific subjects.

Campus Tours

Your students can tour our campuses, chat with members of the teams and explore our range of departments and facilities. Building your own tour, allows you to choose the areas your students are keen to view the most, and with a large course offering, this ensures they get the most out of their visit and enough time to ask any questions they may have.

The Programme can also help to support evidence of careers activity provision in relation to the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Croydon Colleges Group is always pleased to build strong relationships with local schools and sixth forms and produce a newsletter to keep schools and sixth forms up to date with the exciting work of School  Partnership Programme

To discuss your requirements further or to be added to the mailing list, please contact: or call 020 8686 5700 ext. 3676.


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