Fashion, Graphic Design, Mathematics, Sociology

Why did you choose Coulsdon College?

I loved the atmosphere when I came to visit. I also wanted to do a mix of BTEC and A Levels and this was the only place which gave me the flexibility to do that.

Were you clear about what you wanted to study?

I want to be an Interior Designer, so wanted to study Graphic Design and also Fashion. The facilities in the Art Department are amazing as are the teachers. I’m getting lots of practice developing final products from initial ideas and I’m working with many different materials. I love to hand-draw to start with and then enhance my work using digital technology.

How about your other subjects?

Sociology was new to me, but it’s really interesting. It’s quite time consuming though, as there’s a lot to learn and remember. There’s a big jump from GCSE Maths to A Level, but I like it as it’s logical; it takes a lot of practice though to get a good grade.

What are your plans after College?

I’m looking at Interior Design courses and in the meantime, I’m building up my portfolio by working as a freelance Graphic Designer.

How do you feel about Coulsdon College?

I love the relaxed, but hard working atmosphere. We’re treated as adults and individuals which I think is important when you get to our age.

Lara, 2016.

Previous school: Edenham High School.

Previous school: Edenham High School

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