Art & Design, English

Why did you apply to Coulsdon Sixth Form College?

After I finished secondary school, I felt it was time to branch out into a wider space and become more independent. The art department at the College immediately caught my interest as well as the diverse social aspects of Coulsdon Sixth Form College.

Why did you chose to study BTEC Art and Design?

I’ve always enjoyed art, not just in an education setting, but also on a personal level as it’s been my therapy to deal with my mental health.

What are your future aspirations?

I would love to design and publish my own fiction books and hopefully become a teacher within Further Education due to my passion for helping others learn. I’ve developed this love whilst I’ve been an English tutor for other students, and my involvement in the student magazine at the College.

What opportunities have you been presented with during your studies here?

I’ve been fortunate enough to exhibit my own art work in various locations and local events. Not only this, but I’ve also been nominated for a BTEC Art award which took me by surprise but I feel so grateful!

Do you have any advice for future students?

If you find the right balance between finding friends and enjoying your studies, you’ve found the pathway to a successful future. Never let any person or obstacle stop you from achieving exactly what you want.

Previous school: St Philomena's

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