Film Studies, Music, Sociology

Why did you apply to Coulsdon Sixth Form College?

Nowhere else offered me the chance to mix and match my courses. Mixing them has allowed me to cross two avenues of learning and opened up a wider way of studying.

What’s your favourite subject, why?

Music. I think of music like a language anyone can speak. You get to tell stories without words or pictures and I just feel like it enriches lives.

What are your plans after College?

I would like to compose music for video games. The games industry is an interesting world with a lot of development still to happen. I’m looking to go straight into the industry.

How have you found the teaching?

My Music teachers are always happy to give advice and discuss possibilities in the industry. I’ve connected with all the teachers and they are all really approachable.

Have you any advice for students looking to come here?

It’s a really great place to study. I’m happier here than I’ve ever been at school. There is a strong sense of diversity and empathy. The College respects all career avenues so whatever you want to achieve, you will be supported.

Lloyd, 2018

Previous school: Greenshaw

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