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You’re obviously a keen sportsman, what is the sport like at Coulsdon College?

The facilities are very good and the teaching staff and coaches are amazing. I’ve played football pretty much all my life, but since coming to Coulsdon, I’ve tried many new sports including badminton, volleyball, basketball and hockey. I even took part in taster sessions in Archery.

Has taking part in the new activities helped you to further your thoughts on what you would like to do as a career?

Yes, I’ve been teaching karate to children in my club for a while, but through College I’ve been given other opportunities to coach young children, for example in hockey and this has helped me to come to the conclusion that I would like to be a PE Teacher. The staff at the College have given me information on how to gain coaching awards, which will help me reach my goal.

How did you decide to come to Coulsdon College and what you were going to study?

I came to all the Open Days, each time with various members of my family. They were all impressed with the College and I liked the fact that all the staff were so encouraging. A big plus for me was that I was offered so much help to gain my GCSE Maths, a subject which I really struggled with at school.

How are you getting on with your studies generally?

I wouldn’t have considered myself to be a high achiever at school, but with the support of the great staff at Coulsdon College, I am proud to say that I am now achieving Distinctions in my assignments. I now have much higher aspirations for myself and my future.

Martin, 2016.

Previous school: Meridian High School.

Previous school: Meridian High School

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