Business, Engineering

What made you apply to Coulsdon Sixth Form College?

I wanted to do Engineering with Maths and Physics so I did some research and Coulsdon Sixth Form College came up. It had some great reviews so I decided to apply.

How are you enjoying the Redhill Football Academy?

I’ve played since I was 5 so have always been into football.  When I joined the College, I signed up for the football activity club. Then I was asked about trialling and decided to try out for Redhill. I was really happy when I was accepted. It’s been really helpful in developing my game. I’ve learnt new tactics and skills which I can use to impact my play.

What are your plans once you leave College?

I want to study Mechanical Engineering either at Sussex, Lancaster or Brighton University. I’ve always loved Engineering, especially cars and robots, and looking at how they work so those courses fit my criteria.

Have you got any advice for students looking to apply here?

Go for it! There are so many opportunities here at College. Being part of the Football Academy has been a great experience and I’ve loved being able to combine football with my studies. The teachers are so supportive and I often use the lunchtime ‘drop-in’ sessions to get help with work.

Mehul, 2018

Previous school: Royal Russell

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