Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Psychology

Why did you decide to come to Coulsdon College?

I went on a Further Maths taster day and was really impressed by the teaching.

What’s the best thing about College?

The teachers are amazingly encouraging and supportive. They really believe in you. I’ve been to lots of additional workshops at the end of the College day for my subjects. These provide extra support to make sure I’m on track with my work.

What’s your favourite subject?

Since coming to College, I’m really enjoying Chemistry. My teacher is extremely good at differentiating work for different abilities within the classroom and also at relating the complicated theory to real life, so that we can all understand it.

What are you thinking of doing after College?

I’m thinking of doing Forensic Science at university, but I’m planning to go to all sorts of university taster days to help make up my mind. The Careers staff at College have been helpful in keeping me informed.

Are you involved with any activities outside lessons?

Yes, I’m doing my Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award. We have sessions on Friday lunchtimes, that help prepare us for the expedition. I’m learning Calligraphy as a new skill, and for the Voluntary section, I’m continuing a campaign to raise the importance of First Aid training in schools which I started in last summer on NCS.

You must be pleased with your outstanding grades?

I was a very slow starter at school, for all sorts of reasons. Coming to College has got me on the right track. The combination of inspiring teachers and a positive, supportive environment has helped me focus and turn things around.

Roberta, 2017.

Previous school: Oasis Academy Coulsdon.

Previous school: Oasis Academy Coulsdon

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