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How has Coulsdon Sixth Form College helped you develop your career goals?

Studying at Coulsdon Sixth Form College allowed me to gain practical knowledge in audio, and helped me learn the theory behind live sound. It was a great advantage to have this knowledge when applying for my apprenticeship.


Tell me about your Apprenticeship at The Royal Albert Hall.

I knew I didn’t want to go to University to study Music Technology, so an Apprenticeship was the right option for me. I immediately started searching and I found this Apprenticeship at The Royal Albert Hall. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it but getting work experience during my time at Coulsdon Sixth Form College, meant I was a lot more knowledgeable and hireable. It was great to get the job and now I’m being paid to learn and build my career. I’ve worked in a wide range of areas, from audio to lighting and stage management to rigging as well as running teams and helping to bring new shows in every day.


What are your future aspirations?

I intend to go freelance once I complete my apprenticeship, likely in lighting as I found a love for this during my time at The Royal Albert Hall. I’d eventually like to go on tour and try to work in as many different venues as possible to develop my knowledge and skills.


Do you have any advice for students looking to study here?

University isn’t always the only option, so don’t worry if it’s not right for you. Try and get as much work experience in an area that really interests you, as it certainly gives you an advantage over other people when applying for all kinds of job roles.

Previous school: St Andrew's C of E School

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