How did you pick Coulsdon College?

I really liked the fact that I could mix A Levels with BTECs and I was also impressed that the College was linked with Reigate College which I know has an excellent reputation.

How did you choose which subjects to study?

I’ve always had a strong passion for Maths and I love problem-solving. It’s quite challenging but I think my enthusiasm and help from the Maths teachers keeps me going. Engineering is a really interesting subject. I like finding out how things work and how to fix things. We do a mixture of electronic, mechanical and chemical engineering. The course is varied and practical, involving a lot of interesting research and experiments.

Are you planning to take a Gap Year?

Yes. I want to get some work experience in Engineering and the College Careers Department is helping me with that. After that, I’m either going to Bath University to study Chemical Engineering or to Leeds University to study Petroleum Engineering. Both are five-year MEng courses that will help me to gain a Chartered Engineer status. After that, I plan to work in the Petrochemical industry.

Have you taken part in any extracurricular activities?

I had a go at the Muay Thai kick boxing which Ireally enjoyed. I was on the College Enhancement Programme and that helped me get some work experience last summer. This year I’ve been concentrating on getting the best grades that I possibly can.

Shafiq, 2016.

Previous school: Kibuli Secondary School.

Previous school: Kibuli Secondary School

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