BTEC Public Services students learnt about the hundreds of different jobs there are in the Army, when twenty soldiers from different parts of the Army visited College on 19 January.

“It was a real eye-opener,” enthused Lower sixth student, Lucie Roberts.  “I had no idea that you can join the army and specialise in so many different areas.  The career progression opportunities are vast and the practical exercises we did with the soldiers were really good fun.”

The Royal Signals and Intelligence Corps who specialise in IT and Communications, from phones to satellites taught the students how to programme Vex Robotic Vehicles to get them across an obstacle course.

The biggest section of the Army is the Royal Logistics Corp and they provide all the support services for the army, from food services to ammunition technicians and drivers. Students were treated to a really interesting talk from an Army chef, learning that you can even become a professional chocolatier or a baker.

The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, who service, maintain and repair tanks, weapons and helicopters set up a competition where the students had to make the best vehicle out of raw materials, which was then tested to see which went the furthest without exploding.  The last task was provided by the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment which is part of the Combat Arms.  Blindfolded students were led through a mock minefied, guided by their partner who had to demonstrate excellent communication skills.

Staff Sergeant Robert McNeill informed students that the army offers Apprenticeships in 40 different areas, ranging from nine months to two years.  “Coulsdon College students were keen to participate in all the activities, were very engaged and asked lots of questions,” he said.  “Some of them have already applied to the Army and their Public Services course is a perfect introduction to what we do.”

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