Progression In the Upper or Lower Sixth

Students should be aware, progression from Lower to Upper Sixth is not guaranteed.

What happens when?

1. Application Form

Application forms are issued to all Lower Sixth students by tutors in March and should be returned by the deadline. Students who miss the deadline will not be considered for the Upper Sixth.

2. Consultation

Students (and their parents) should use the following opportunities to weigh up possible options:

  • Parents’ Evenings, early in the Spring Term
  • Student Review Meetings for selected students, in early March
  • Interim Reports issued in late March
  • Individual interviews with form tutors in late March

3. The Offer

  • In April/May the College will confirm subject to students meeting the minimum entrance requirements
  • At the beginning of the Autumn Term in the Upper Sixth, students will be invited to individual interviews to confirm their choice of subjects

Minimum Entrance Requirements

Students with an unsatisfactory record of performance in their first year may be required to obtain a minimum grade in internal exams in order to move on to the second year of the course. Progression will be at the discretion of the Head of Department.

  • Good attendance and punctuality, and effort grades at ‘Satisfactory’ or above

Students with a poor attendance record and/or effort record will not be allowed to continue into the Upper Sixth, no matter how good their results are.

Intermediate Students progressing to the Lower Sixth

Many students who have successfully completed Intermediate courses return to College to study at Advanced Level. Students wishing to do this, will need to re-apply to the College during the Spring Term of their Intermediate year.

The entrance requirements for progression to an A Level or BTEC Level 3 course are:

  • Merit in BTEC Level 2
  • An excellent attendance record
  • Effort grades of ‘Satisfactory’ or above in Interim Reports;
  • A satisfactory reference/report from tutor/BTEC teacher

A Level subjects often have specific entrance requirements. Please see the entrance requirements relating to specific Courses.

Help in re-applying

The College Careers Department organises talks for all Intermediate students to help guide them through the application process. Students should arrange a Careers Interview if they require more specific help or if they intend to see employment after their Intermediate year.

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