We are proud to announce that Richard Beales, Principal of Coulsdon Sixth Form College, attended International Peace Day on September 21, in aid of the UK charity, Peace Partners. At this event, Richard proudly signed the Peace Pledge in support of the charity. The main aim of the event, was to help make peace a possibility at an individual, communal and national level. The event provided a platform for raising awareness of projects that involve empowering young people and communities, to live their lives free from violence and aggression.

To celebrate International Peace Day, the event in the newly refurbished Fairfield Halls in Croydon, included invigorating speakers and activities in an interactive forum. This brought together individuals, organisations, musicians and poets who influence the world around them, by creating positive change both at individual level, and in their local communities.

It also provided opportunities for networking and learning more about other peace-building initiatives locally, nationally and internationally.

It showcased the internationally acclaimed Peace Education Programme, a simple but powerful tool that has been delivered in communal, educational and criminal justice settings.

During the morning session, there was also a special ceremony during which various individuals, charities and civic and faith organisations from the Borough of Croydon, signed the Pledge to Peace (www.pledgetopeace.eu). Furthermore, the Deputy Mayor of Croydon, Maddie Henson, and the Imam of Croydon, both addressed the audience.

Further information can be found at www.peacepartners.co.uk

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