Biology, Chemistry, Geography

Why did you apply to Coulsdon Sixth Form College?

I’d visited a couple of colleges but found Coulsdon to be welcoming and the teachers really easy to talk to so I chose here.

How have you found the transition from school to College?

Obviously the timetable is better at College and I don’t always have to be up and in early, which is great. Subjects aren’t much harder but it is up a level and more in-depth.

What is your favourite subject?

Geography because the Sciences are full on but still enjoyable. Geography is about the real world so I can relate more to it. Even though I find it easier, it’s still a lot of work!

Have you been involved in any enrichment clubs at College?

I’ve been attending the Debate Club. It relates really well with Geography and we talk about different issues so it gets quite engaging.

How have you found the support at College?

I go to the Biology workshops all the time. My questions are always answered so I don’t get stuck on anything.

What advice would you give students looking to apply here?

Don’t be afraid of the lessons. You will get used to it pretty quickly and make lots of new friends.

Joshua, 2018

Previous school: Woodcote High School

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