Business, English, Graphic Design, Media Studies

What’s your favourite subject and why?

Graphic Design. I love this creative subject, which I want to develop into a career. I use a lot of my own photography in my designs.

You want to be a Graphic Designer?

I am already working as a freelance graphic designer in my own time, providing advice to clients including one in America who owns a clothing brand. The work I am doing in College is setting me up really well for a career in this area. I’m hoping to go to university to study it further and my first choice would be Salford University which is part of Media City, so there’s the potential to make lots more contacts with big media companies.

You’ve been involved in Coulsdon College’s Enhancement Programme, how will this help you get to the university of your choice?

As well as helping me to structure my personal statement for my university application, we have had additional training in presentation skills, interview techniques and leadership training through Citizens UK. It has been invaluable.

What other extra-curricular activities have you joined?

I have joined the Radio Debating Club and have really enjoyed learning about the technical side of Radio.

What advice would you give to anybody thinking of coming to study at Coulson College?

I would say listen to the advice you are given regarding your options. I did and I’ve been really happy with my choices. Then just join in and enjoy the experience. You’ll love it here.

Sophia, 2016.

Previous school: De Stafford School.

Previous school: De Stafford School

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