Review of Marking and Access to Scripts

Review of Marking for 2018/2019

Students who would like their papers to be reviewed, should be aware that marks and therefore grades may stay the same, be improved or be lowered following the review. This applies to a module grade as well as an overall subject grade. In the majority of cases reviewing results in no change.

Two kinds of review can be requested:

A non-priority review is available with or without requesting a copy of the student’s script.  Students wishing to have a paper reviewed should complete the Non-priority Review of Marking form.  The deadline is shown on the form.

A priority review is available for just one week after Results Day.  It will give quick feedback for UCAS applicants and is available for both AS and A2 units. Students should complete the Priority Review of Marking form and return it to the Exams Office by the date shown.

Please note, students cannot ask for an individual review for coursework. This includes all elements of assessment in Art, Photography and Graphics.

Please see cost table below, which also contains links to downloadable forms.  The forms can also be found on Moodle. See > Exams information

Access to scripts

Students can ask to see their scripts for all written A Level exams and for GCSE English and Maths.

Students who would like to see their papers before asking for a non-priority A Level  review, should complete a Request for Priority Photocopy Script form. This is only available for one week after Results Day.  The form should be returned to the Examinations Officer by the date shown on the form.

Students who would like to see their original script but do not need it for a review, should download a non-priority script request form. This should be completed and returned to the Examinations Officer by the date shown on the form.

Forms can also be found on Moodle. See > Exams information


2019 costs for enquiries about results

Downloadable form Final deadline ALL Boards
Priority Review of Marking Thursday 22nd
August 2019
Non-priority Review of Marking Thursday 19th September 2019 £50.00
Non-priority Review of Marking with access to script (use form as above) Thursday 19th September 2019 £65.00
Request for priority photocopy script Thursday 22nd
August 2019
Request for return of non-priority original script  Thursday 26th September 2019  £15.00

The above fees include an administration charge.



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