Student Profiles

  • De’Vonai
    Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Psychology
    Belair High School

    What advice did you get on your subjects when you came to Coulsdon? As I gained 6A* and 2As at GCSE, I was encouraged to do four A Levels. I hadn’t considered doing Physics and it’s now become one of my favourite subjects. What are you planning to do after College?? I’m planning to study […]

  • Alex
    Business, English, Film Studies
    John Fisher

    Why did you choose Coulsdon College? I knew I wanted to study Film at A Level and that wasn’t possible at my school. There didn’t seem to be any timetabling issues at the College so I was able to choose exactly what I wanted to – namely English to help my scriptwriting skills and Business […]

  • Lara
    Fashion, Graphic Design, Mathematics, Sociology
    Edenham High School

    Why did you choose Coulsdon College? I loved the atmosphere when I came to visit. I also wanted to do a mix of BTEC and A Levels and this was the only place which gave me the flexibility to do that. Were you clear about what you wanted to study? I want to be an […]

  • Shafiq
    Kibuli Secondary School

    How did you pick Coulsdon College? I really liked the fact that I could mix A Levels with BTECs and I was also impressed that the College was linked with Reigate College which I know has an excellent reputation. How did you choose which subjects to study? I’ve always had a strong passion for Maths […]

  • Aiden
    Public Services, Sport
    Oasis Academy Shirley Park

    What attracted you to Coulsdon College? Quite a few of my friends were coming here, but it was mainly the Public Services course which I wanted to do as I was interested in joining the military. When I came for the open day, the atmosphere was welcoming and vibrant and the teachers were all really […]

  • Ruvhen
    Computing & IT
    Riddlesdown Collegiate

    Tell us about yourself. I came to Coulsdon College as I really wanted to do the BTEC Extended Diploma in IT‑, which wasn’t on offer at Riddlesdown. What are your plans after College? I’ve been offered a place at Southbank University to study BSc Business Information Systems, a four year course with a one year […]

  • Jessica
    English, Mathematics, Performing Arts, Politics
    Oasis Academy Coulsdon

    How did you decide what to study? I gained 9As, 1A* and 3Bs, so I had lots of options. I basically chose the subjects I have a passion for and decided to combine A Levels with a BTEC in Performing Arts. What areas interest you the most? I’d love to work in Theatre, or TV […]

  • Brandon
    Business, Sport
    St Joseph's College

    What are your long term plans? I want to work in Sports Management, possibly in Marketing, so I’m going to Bournemouth University to study a four year degree course in Sports Management. I’ve been offered an unconditional place, but I’m not taking my foot off the pedal as I want to get good grades. If […]

  • Eliana
    Geography, History, Politics, Spanish
    Norbury Manor

    You’re doing four A Levels, how are you managing the work? My subjects fit together really well and there’s some overlap between them, which helps a lot! I’m fluent in Spanish, so that’s made things a bit easier, but I’m very busy. What’s your favourite subject and why? Geography; there’s so much variety, as we […]

  • Ryan
    Business, Law, Sport
    Oasis Academy Coulsdon

    As Captain of the College’s Football team, what’s your experience of Sport here at the College? I’m proud to be a Sports Ambassador and to be Captain of the College’s Football team. I’ve played Football all my life and hope to make a career out of sports coaching so my Sports course here at the […]

  • Akua
    History, Hospitality, Psychology
    Globe Academy

    How have you found your time at Coulsdon College? I’ve really enjoyed it. I liked the choices on offer and the support from staff has been amazing. I’ve learnt that you can do a lot in a short space of time, which has been necessary since becoming President of the SU. What was it like […]

  • Amy
    Science, Sociology
    Carshalton High School for Girls

    How did you decide which subjects to study? I did a year in the sixth form at my old school, but realised that I was doing the wrong courses for what I wanted to do. I want to be a physiotherapist and you have to have science subjects, particularly Biology to do that. I subsequently […]

  • Darcy
    English, History, Media Studies
    Stanley Park High

    How are you coping with exam pressure associated with doing 4 A Levels? I actually prefer the intensity of working for exams to the constant pressure of doing coursework on BTEC courses. I seem to be able to focus really well under pressure. I did well at GCSE, gaining 6As and 5Bs and my predicted […]

  • Diovina
    Hospitality, Travel & Tourism
    St Andrew's C of E School

    Were you clear about what you wanted to do when you came to Coulsdon College? I knew I wanted to work in the Travel and Hospitality industry, but now that I’ve nearly completed the course, I’m clear that I want to work in Marketing within that industry. Have you been on any trips as part […]

  • Jean Pascal Gregory
    Computing & IT, Science
    St Mary's RC School

    Why did you decide to study at Coulsdon College? I wanted to go somewhere new and distant from home, so that I could get used to travelling to study. I’ve had to get used to getting up a lot earlier, but it’s worth it to come to this College. You’re studying Medical Science, what does […]

  • Jess
    Film Studies, Media Studies, Photography
    Woodcote High School

    Why did you choose to come to Coulsdon College? I wanted a fresh start after five years at the same school and besides, the subjects that I wanted to study weren’t available at school. What’s your favourite subject and why? I love all of them, but Film Studies has to be my favourite. I have […]

  • Jordan
    Business, Economics, Mathematics
    Thomas More RC High School

    Why did you choose to study at Coulsdon College? When I looked around Coulsdon College I found it to be a very calm place in comparison to my secondary school. I was intrigued by the Maths Department as the teachers struck me as being friendly and supportive. How have you enjoyed studying A Levels here? […]

  • Lily
    Computing & IT, English, Media Studies
    Riddlesdown Collegiate

    Why did you choose to come to Coulsdon College? I wanted a change from what I was used to. I thought it would help me grow up and become more independent, which it has. What is your favourite subject? I love English Language and Literature. My analytical skills have really improved since coming here and […]

  • Martin
    Art & Design, Sport
    Meridian High School

    You’re obviously a keen sportsman, what is the sport like at Coulsdon College? The facilities are very good and the teaching staff and coaches are amazing. I’ve played football pretty much all my life, but since coming to Coulsdon, I’ve tried many new sports including badminton, volleyball, basketball and hockey. I even took part in […]

  • Samekah
    Computing & IT, Science
    St Andrew's C of E School

    You’re doing a mixture of A Level and BTEC Qualifications? Yes, I’m doing A Level Computer Science, combined with BTEC in IT. Having done really well with my GCSE’s, I started doing three A Levels, but I was finding it hard to memorise the quantity of information I needed for the exams. What kind of […]

  • Sophia
    Business, English, Graphic Design, Media Studies
    De Stafford School

    What’s your favourite subject and why? Graphic Design. I love this creative subject, which I want to develop into a career. I use a lot of my own photography in my designs. You want to be a Graphic Designer? I am already working as a freelance graphic designer in my own time, providing advice to […]

  • Tania
    Law, Travel & Tourism
    Riddlesdown Collegiate

    Why did you come to Coulsdon College? I started sixth form at Riddlesdown Collegiate, doing three A Levels, but didn’t do very well. When I came for my interview at Coulsdon College, I was advised to study for BTEC qualifications, which are the equivalent to A Levels. It was absolutely the right advice for me. […]

  • Vinay
    English, Film Studies, Media Studies, Psychology
    Riddlesdown Collegiate

    You’re studying four A Levels. How have you found the workload? There’s a big jump from GCSE’s to A Levels, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge. There’s a lot more independent learning, and I’ve enjoyed that, but there’s always been a lot of support on hand if you need it here at Coulsdon College. I’ll probably […]

  • Leanne
    History, Politics, Psychology, Sociology
    Harris Academy Purley

    How did you choose what to study at Coulsdon College? I had an idea I wanted to study Criminology, so knew that Sociology and Psychology would be useful. Even though I hadn’t studied those subjects at GCSE, the teachers explained the curriculum so clearly to me, I knew it was going to be interesting. I […]

  • Luke
    Business, Music, Public Services
    Woodcote High School

    Where did your love of music start? It’s in my blood; I’m the fifth generation of my family to be a musician and play in a Salvation Army band. What instruments do you play? I play piano and trumpet, but my main instrument is cornet. I’m working towards my Grade 8, fitting all my practice […]

  • Hanna
    Computing & IT
    The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy

    Why did you choose Computing? Initially I joined Coulsdon on the Level 2 Intermediate Programme studying IT alongside Art. I really enjoyed it and was keen to focus on Computing by taking the Level 3 Extended Diploma (equivalent to three A Levels). What are the teachers like at College? They are strict but fair and […]

  • Megan
    Media Studies, Medical Science, Photography

    Congratulations on winning the College Photography Competition. I love the Photography A Level course I’m doing here and hope to go on to study Photography at university. The chance to work with the College’s Marketing Department, photographing events has been a great experience. Working to a brief and a deadline has given me an insight […]

  • Codon
    Mathematics, Science
    St Mary's RC School

    What’s the difference between College life and school? At College, you are treated more like adults; I like the fact that we call the teachers by their first names, it feels more comfortable and relaxed. College feels like a good stepping stone to university. How did you decide to study Maths at College? I’ve loved […]

  • Leah
    Medical Science, Science, Sport
    St Bede’s

    Why did you choose your courses? I did the Lower Sixth at St Bede’s doing A Levels, but didn’t do well in the exams, so I knew that I would be better suited to BTECs. I’ve known that I want to be a Paramedic for a long time, having been a member of St John […]

  • George
    Computing & IT, Media Studies, Public Services
    St Andrew's C of E School

    What are your favourite subjects? I’ve always been very keen on computer gaming. Both my Media and Computing courses have really allowed me to develop this interest and I’ve learnt how to design and programme my own computer games. I’m now planning to pursue this at the University of Falmouth and hopefully turn my passion […]

  • Tara
    Business, Sport
    Rosebery School

    Why did you choose Coulsdon College? I attended Rosebury School for my GCSEs, but I was keen to move on from an all-girls environment. My best subjects at school were the ones with a practical element, so I knew that I would be better suited to BTECs than A Levels. How are you getting on […]

  • Chinelo
    Graphic Design, Media Studies, Photography
    Queens College

    Why did you decide to come to Coulsdon College? The College’s excellent reputation in the community and the outstanding pass rates gave me the confidence that I would do well here. What are you studying? I’m doing three A Levels. My favourite is Art & Design which has been perfect for me as it has […]

  • Abigail
    Law, Public Services
    Oasis Academy Shirley Park

    What do you like about College? The atmosphere is completely different to school. There’s less drama, people are very respectful and I feel very safe here. The teachers treat you like equals and the students are friendly and supportive of each other. How do you find the commute to College? I catch a tram and […]

  • Laurence
    Geography, Mathematics, Music
    Oasis Academy Coulsdon

    How did you decide to come to Coulsdon? I initially joined a local school’s Sixth Form, but didn’t get on very well there. When I came to Coulsdon College, I was struck by how welcoming it was and I quickly settled in. The standard of teaching is excellent and the workshops for every subject have […]

  • Roberta
    Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Psychology
    Oasis Academy Coulsdon

    Why did you decide to come to Coulsdon College? I went on a Further Maths taster day and was really impressed by the teaching. What’s the best thing about College? The teachers are amazingly encouraging and supportive. They really believe in you. I’ve been to lots of additional workshops at the end of the College […]

  • Natasha
    Biology, Psychology, Sport
    Harris Academy Merton

    How are you finding College life? I love it here. The atmosphere is lively and inclusive and I’ve made so many great friends. Lessons are better too as students are more mature than at school; everyone wants to be here, so it’s easier to focus on your work. Sport is my favourite subject. I’ve particularly […]

  • Dion
    Science, Sport
    Hackney Universal Technical College

    Why did you choose to come to Coulsdon College? I liked the atmosphere at the College when I came to look around. I really wanted to do a BTEC in Medial Science and Coulsdon was the only place offering it. I live in Selsdon and with such good transport links, it’s easy to get to […]

  • Arya
    Hospitality, Media Studies, Travel & Tourism
    Graveney School

    How have you found your time at Coulsdon College? This is my third year and it’s gone so quickly. Coming to Coulsdon has given me the opportunity to turn things around and I’m very happy here. I joined on the Intermediate Programme as I had to re-take some of my GCSEs. What else did you […]

  • Rachael
    French, Law, Politics
    Croydon High School

    What made you choose Coulsdon College? I felt ready for a change from school and I loved the more grown-up atmosphere and focus on Sixth Form. How did you decide on your subjects? Initially I picked completely different subjects, but coming to the taster and introductory days opened my eyes to other courses I hadn’t […]

  • Christina Christina
    Business, Computing & IT, History
    Carshalton High School for Girls

    What attracted you to Coulsdon College? I was attracted by the mix of students at Coulsdon, as well as the great facilities and a pleasant environment. I also liked the option to combine A Levels with BTECs, which was helpful when I didn’t do as well as I had hoped in an AS Level; I […]

  • Laura
    Biology, Public Services
    Bishop Thomas Grant

    I chose subjects which interested me. Biology was an obvious choice as I’m fascinated with the functioning of the human body and health and fitness.

  • Mr Globe MusicSport
    Music, Sport
    Globe Academy

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  • Archbishop Biology
    Archbishop Tenison's C of E School

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  • Coloma Business
    Coloma Convent

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